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Lenny Amanita dancing with vimplers
Lasse Von Gakhausen & Lenny Amanita
Lasse von Gakhausen
Lenny Amanita Dancing with fire

Lenny Amanita - Glass , Leather artist & Enchanter

Lasse von Gakhausen - Wood , Silver Artist & Fortune-teller


We live and work in Denmark creating, making and selling Viking Crafts and Art Inspired by the Viking and Medieval ages and the Nature.

 In the summer we tour Scandinavia and sell our wares at Viking and Medieval Markets. Also making shows and viking/medieval entertainment too.


Lasse Von Gakhausen Artist & Fortune-teller


 Specializes in: Leather, Glass, Wood, Silver & Iron making;     - making shows with and with out fire, acrobatics & entertainment ;

  - beer brewing 800 A.D-present ;

  - making experimental archeology and nature guiding as well;   

  - making diferent coursues.

Full time vikings and medieval people, self-sufficient and sustainable.

     We have our own shop where you can come and visit us.

You can buy from our  art, goods or order some personalized gifts / custom work, pickled-salted organic vegetables, fruits, cookies and Johansons-smoked salt.

                  Feel free and welcome to contact or visit us.


 You can donate and support and help us and our art and crafts. Thanks in advance .

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